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Member Information : Identification Cards

Topic #266

ForwardHealth Identification Cards

Each enrolled member receives an identification card. Possession of a program identification card does not guarantee enrollment. It is possible that a member will present a card during a lapse in enrollment; therefore, it is essential that providers verify enrollment before providing services. Members are told to keep their cards even though they may have lapses in enrollment.

ForwardHealth Identification Card Features

The ForwardHealth identification card includes the member's name, 10-digit member ID, magnetic stripe, signature panel, and the Member Services telephone number. The card also has a unique, 16-digit card number on the front for internal program use.

The ForwardHealth card does not need to be signed to be valid; however, adult members are encouraged to sign their cards. Providers may use the signature as another means of identification.

The toll-free number on the back of each of the cards is for member use only. The address on the back of each card is used to return a lost card to ForwardHealth if it is found.

If a provider finds discrepancies with the identification number or name between what is indicated on the ForwardHealth card and the provider's file, the provider should verify enrollment with Wisconsin's EVS.

Identification Number Changes

Some providers may question whether services should be provided if a member's 10-digit identification number on his or her ForwardHealth card does not match the EVS response. If the EVS indicates the member is enrolled, services should be provided.

A member's identification number may change, and the EVS will reflect that change. However, ForwardHealth does not automatically send a replacement ForwardHealth card with the new identification number to the member. ForwardHealth cross-references the old and new identification numbers so a provider may submit claims with either number. The member may request a replacement ForwardHealth card that indicates the new number.

Member Name Changes

If a member's name on the ForwardHealth card is different than the response given from Wisconsin's EVS, providers should use the name from the EVS response. When a name change is reported and on file, a new card will automatically be sent to the member.

Deactivated Cards

When any member identification card has been replaced for any reason, the previous identification card is deactivated. If a member presents a deactivated card, providers should encourage the member to discard the deactivated card and use only the new card.

Although a member identification card may be deactivated, the member ID is valid and the member still may be enrolled in a ForwardHealth program.

If a provider swipes a ForwardHealth card using a magnetic stripe card reader and finds that it has been deactivated, the provider may request a second form of identification if he or she does not know the member. After the member's identity has been verified, providers may verify a member's enrollment by using one of the EVS methods such as AVR.

Defective Cards

If a provider uses a card reader for a ForwardHealth card and the magnetic stripe is defective, the provider should encourage the member to call Member Services at the number listed on the back of the member's card to request a new card.

If a member presents a ForwardHealth card with a defective magnetic stripe, providers may verify the member's enrollment by using an alternate enrollment verification method. Providers may also verify a member's enrollment by entering the member ID or 16-digit card number on a touch pad, if available, or by calling WiCall or Provider Services.

Lost Cards

If a member needs a replacement ForwardHealth card, he or she may call Member Services to request a new one.

If a member lost his or her ForwardHealth card or never received one, the member may call Member Services to request a new one.

Managed Care Organization Enrollment Changes

Members do not receive a new ForwardHealth card if they are enrolled in a state-contracted MCO or change from one MCO to another. Providers should verify enrollment with the EVS every time they see a member to ensure they have the most current managed care enrollment information.

Topic #1435

Types of Identification Cards

ForwardHealth members receive an identification card upon initial eligibility determination. Identification cards may be presented in different formats (e.g., white plastic cards, paper cards, or paper printouts), depending on the program and the method used to enroll (i.e., paper application or online application). Members who are temporarily enrolled in BadgerCare Plus or Family Planning Only Services receive temporary identification cards.

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