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Children’s Specialty Managed Care Plans

The Children’s Specialty Managed Care Plans are Prepaid Inpatient Health Plans (PIHPs) that coordinate care for members across their provider network, supporting special populations with higher levels of needs either because of the systems they are a part of (for example, child welfare) or the severity of their behavioral health symptoms.     

For information specific to children and families, visit the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) site.

Member Eligibility and Enrollments

Wraparound Milwaukee Eligibility
Care4Kids Eligibility


HMO & PIHP Member Policy Guides
These guides are for HMO and PIHP Member Communications, Outreach, and Marketing and HMO and PIHP Member Grievances and Appeals.
ForwardHealth Online Handbook
Quality Guide for Care4Kids
Care4Kids Foster Care Medical Home (FCMH)
2022-2023 FCMH Contract (January 2023)

2023 Policy and Rates Amendment

2020-2021 FCMH Contract (August 2021)

2021 Miscellaneous Policy Amendment (August 2021)
2021 Policy and Rate Amendment (January 2021)
2020 Miscellaneous Amendment (June 2020)

2018-2019 FCMH Contract (January 2018)

2019 Policy and Rates Amendment (March 2020)

2016-2017 FCMH Contract (January 2016)

2016 PPACA Amendment (April 2016)

2014-2015 FCMH Contract (January 2014)

2014 Miscellaneous Amendment (January 2014)
2014 Quality Measures Amendment (January 2014)
CY2015 Rates Amendment (January 2015)

Wraparound Milwaukee (WM)
Current 2022-2024 Wraparound Milwaukee Contract (July 2022)
2020-2022 Wraparound Milwaukee Contract (July 2020)

WM SFY21 Policy & Rates Amendment (September 2021)
WM SFY22 Policy & Rates Amendment (November 2021)

2015-2017 Wraparound Milwaukee Contract (July 2015)

WAM SFY18 Rates and Extension Contract Amendment (July 2017)
WAM Miscellaneous Amendment (January 2020)

2013-2015 Wraparound Milwaukee Contract (July 2013)

2014 Capitation Rate and Contract Amendment (June 2014)
2015 Miscellaneous Amendment (June 2015)

WM Covered Services Guide and Table

2021 County PIHP Guide to Covered Services, Coding, and Reporting
County PIHP Service Code Table


What's New?
A summary of what is new for children’s specialty programs:

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