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Manufacturer Drug Rebate
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ForwardHealth's Manufacturer Drug Rebate Portal is a secure avenue to perform Wisconsin Medicaid Drug Rebate Processes quickly in an electronic format. The Manufacturer Drug Rebate Portal can be used for the following:
  • Retrieve invoice files
  • Request Claim Level Detail (CLD)
  • Submit payments
  • Provide reconciliation files
  • Contact a Wisconsin Drug Rebate Analyst
Important Information:

Information Regarding Changes to Manufacturer Drug Rebate File Formats: Effective 07/01/2021

The ForwardHealth Portal Manufacturer Drug Rebate User Guide includes descriptions of the drug rebate programs and invoice types that are available on the Manufacturer Drug Rebate area of the Portal.

Note: Rebate processes associated with claim utilization under the Preferred Drug List (PDL) for blood glucose meters and blood glucose testing strips are not available in the Manufacturer Drug Rebate Area of the Portal; manufacturers should continue to use existing rebate processes for these items.

The links on this page offer easy access to key information and often-used tools. Manufacturers should log in to their secure ForwardHealth Manufacturer Drug Rebate Portal account to submit or retrieve information specific to their account.

Informational Flyer

Drug Rebate Program

Quick Start Flyer

Drug Rebate Quick Start

Manufacturer Drug Rebate Links

Accessing the Secure Manufacturer Drug Rebate Account
Access to the Manufacturer Drug Rebate area of the ForwardHealth Portal is restricted to drug manufacturers who have entered into and have in effect a national rebate agreement with the Secretary of the federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Contact the Wisconsin Drug Rebate Program via email at DHSWIMDRP@dhs.wisconsin.gov

Request Manufacturer Drug Rebate Portal account access and complete the necessary request information.
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