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Resources for Child Care Coordination Services

ForwardHealth Updates

The most recent ForwardHealth Updates are listed below; however, providers should refer to the child care coordination service area of the ForwardHealth Online Handbook for complete child care coordination policy.

Update and Release Date Description of Policy Change
“Enrollment Certification and Claims Changes for Child Care Coordination Services” 2023-38 (11/10/2023) This Update informed providers of changes to enrollment certification and claim submission processes for prenatal care coordination providers that provide child care coordination services.
“Prenatal Care Coordination New Enrollment and Revalidation Requirements and ForwardHealth Online Handbook Revisions” 2023-27 (06/30/2023) This Update informed providers of prenatal care coordination and child care coordination services of enrollment changes and revisions to the Online Handbook.
“New Requirements for Child Care Coordination” 2023-10 (04/03/2023) This Update informed providers of new policy requirements for submitting claims for child care coordination services.
“New Payment Integrity Review Program” 2023-05 (03/01/2023) This Update announced a new Payment Integrity Review (PIR) program.
“New and Revised Modifier Requirements for Child Care Coordination and Prenatal Care Coordination Services” 2022-07 (03/01/2022) This Update informed providers of new requirements for submitting claims for prenatal care coordination and child care coordination services.

ForwardHealth Provider Trainings

Child Care Coordination Webinar

Supplemental Materials

Providers are required to document specific information. The materials below meet these documentation requirements. The table below indicates which materials are recommended for use and which materials are required.

Title of Form and Number Description of Form Recommended or Required?
Child Care Coordination Family Questionnaire, F-0118 (01/2024) Form for determining eligibility for the CCC benefit Required
Child Care Coordination Monthly Time Log for Ongoing Care Coordination and Monitoring, F-03257 (12/2023) Form for tracking time spent with CCC members Recommended
Child Care Coordination Referral, F-03256 (12/2023) Form for documenting and sharing referral information with CCC members Recommended

Provider Enrollment and Ongoing Responsibilities

The following ForwardHealth Online Handbook topics and resources include key content for child care coordination services. Please note: The topics highlighted on this page are linked to address some of the most common provider questions. This is not a complete list of all handbook topics for providers. Providers are still responsible for reviewing the full child care coordination service area of the ForwardHealth Online Handbook for complete child care coordination policy.

Online Handbook Topic Description of Content
Provider Enrollment, #3969 Guidance for enrolling as a Wisconsin Medicaid provider
Ongoing Responsibilities, #220 Responsibilities of providers
Documentation, #6277 Documentation requirements of providers
Provider Rights, #208 Rights of providers
Sanctions, #211 Possible consequences for violating program rules and regulations
Provider Numbers, #3421 NPI requirements
Noncovered Services, #68 Services, items, or supplies that cannot be reimbursed
Codes, #976 Diagnosis codes for child care coordination
Covered Services and Requirements, #980 A comprehensive overview on delivery child care coordination services

Payment Integrity Review (PIR)

Title ForwardHealth Resource Description
PIR Program, #22798 Online Handbook Topic Program purpose and goals
PIR Training Provider Trainings Program overview, guidance, and process
Child Care Coordination Claims Submission Checklist for Payment Integrity Review, P-03589 (03/2024) DHS Publication Optional, self-help tool to assist providers with preparing and submitting proper claims
PIR Frequently Asked Questions DHS Publication Questions and answers for common questions for providers

Claim Submission

Title ForwardHealth Resource Description
Accuracy of Claims, #516 Handbook Topic Provider responsibility to submit accurate, truthful, and complete claims
How to Submit a Claim, #17797 Handbook Topic Provider requirements and instructions for submitting Wisconsin Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus claims
Uploading Claim Attachments Via the Portal, #11677 Handbook Topic Guidance on attaching and submitting records with claims
Claim Status, #535 Handbook Topic Process for checking the status or adjusting a claim
Explanation of Benefit Codes in the Claim Header and in Detail Lines, #4822 Handbook Topic Messages from ForwardHealth about the status or action taken on a claim, claim detail, adjustment, or adjustment detail
Claim Adjustments, #512 Handbook Topic Requirements and process for submitting claim adjustments electronically
Introduction to Options for Electronic Claims Submission Provider Training Allowable options for submitting claims electronically
Options for Electronic Claims Submission Provider Trainings Multiple training modules for submitting claims electronically
Provider Portal Professional Claims User Guide How to submit professional claims electronically
Uploading Claim Attachments Instruction Sheet Step-by-step guide for attaching claim records

Additional Resources

  • Prenatal care coordination information for members (online and printable brochure)
  • Members with prenatal and child care coordination questions can call Member Services at 800-362-3002
  • Providers with policy and billing questions can call Provider Services at 800-947-9627
  • ForwardHealth Resources for Prenatal Care Coordination Providers
  • Report suspected fraud in Department of Health Services programs at 877-865-3432 or www.reportfraud.wisconsin.gov
  • For a sample care plan for Child Care Coordination—the Care Plan Development topic (#984) of the Online Handbook
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