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Prior Authorization : Emergent and Urgent Situations

Topic #429

Emergency Services

In emergency situations, the PA requirement may be waived for services that normally require PA. Emergency services are defined in DHS 101.03(52), Wis. Admin. Code, as "those services which are necessary to prevent the death or serious impairment of the health of the individual."

Reimbursement is not guaranteed for services that normally require PA that are provided in emergency situations. As with all covered services, emergency services must meet all program requirements, including medical necessity, to be reimbursed by Wisconsin Medicaid. For example, reimbursement is contingent on, but not limited to, eligibility of the member, the circumstances of the emergency, and the medical necessity of the services provided.

Wisconsin Medicaid will not reimburse providers for noncovered services provided in any situation, including emergency situations.

Topic #430

Urgent Services

Telephone consultations with DHCAA staff regarding a prospective PA request can be given only in urgent situations when medically necessary. An urgent, medically necessary situation is one where a delay in authorization would result in undue hardship for the member or unnecessary costs for Medicaid as determined by the DHCAA. All telephone consultations for urgent services should be directed to the Quality Assurance and Appropriateness Review Section at (608) 266-2521. Providers should have the following information ready when calling:

  • Member's name.
  • Member identification number.
  • Service(s) needed.
  • Reason for the urgency.
  • Diagnosis of the member.
  • Procedure code of the service(s) requested.

Providers are required to submit a PA request to ForwardHealth within 14 calendar days after the date of the telephone consultation. PA may be denied if the request is received more than two weeks after the consultation. If the PA request is denied in this case, the provider cannot request payment from the member.

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