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Provider Enrollment and Ongoing Responsibilities : Provider Numbers

Topic #5096

Taxonomy Codes

Taxonomy codes are standard code sets used to provide information about provider type and specialty for the provider's enrollment. ForwardHealth uses taxonomy codes as additional data for correctly matching the NPI to the provider file.

Providers are required to use a taxonomy code when the NPI reported to ForwardHealth corresponds to multiple enrollments and the provider's practice location ZIP+4 code does not uniquely identify the provider.

Providers are allowed to report multiple taxonomy codes to ForwardHealth as long as the codes accurately describe the provider type and specialty for the provider's enrollment. When doing business with ForwardHealth, providers may use any one of the reported codes. Providers who report multiple taxonomy codes will be required to designate one of the codes as the primary taxonomy code; ForwardHealth will use this primary code for identification purposes.

Providers who wish to change their taxonomy code or add additional taxonomy codes may do so using the demographic maintenance tool. Most taxonomy code changes entered through the demographic maintenance tool will take effect in real time; providers may use the new codes immediately on transactions.

Omission of a taxonomy code when it is required as additional data to identify the provider will cause claims and other transactions to be denied or delayed in processing.

Note: Taxonomy codes do not change provider enrollment or affect reimbursement terms.

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