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Provider Enrollment Information
Categories of Enrollment

Wisconsin Medicaid enrolls providers in three billing categories. Each billing category has specific designated uses and restrictions. These categories include the following:

  • Billing/rendering provider.
  • Rendering-only provider.
  • Billing-only provider (including group billing).

Providers should refer to the service-specific information in the Online Handbook or the Information for Specific Provider Types page to identify which category of enrollment is applicable.

Billing/Rendering Provider

Enrollment as a billing/rendering provider allows providers to identify themselves on claims (and other forms) as either the provider billing for the services or the provider rendering the services.

Rendering-Only Provider

Enrollment as a rendering-only provider is given to those providers who practice under the professional supervision of another provider (e.g., physician assistants). Providers with a rendering provider enrollment cannot submit claims to Wisconsin Medicaid directly, but they have reimbursement rates established for their provider type. Claims for services provided by a rendering provider must include the supervising provider or group provider as the billing provider.

Billing-Only Provider (Including Group Billing)

Enrollment as a billing-only provider is given to certain provider types when a separate rendering provider is required on claims.

Group Billing

Groups of individual practitioners are enrolled as billing-only providers as an accounting convenience. This allows the group to receive one reimbursement, one Remittance Advice, and the 835 Health Care Claim Payment/Advice Transaction for covered services rendered by individual practitioners within the group.

Providers may not have more than one group practice enrolled in Wisconsin Medicaid with the same ZIP+4 code address, National Provider Identifier (NPI), and taxonomy code combination. Provider group practices located at the same ZIP+4 code address are required to differentiate their enrollment using an NPI or taxonomy code that uniquely identifies each group practice.

Individual practitioners within group practices are required to be Medicaid-enrolled because these groups are required to identify the provider who rendered the service on claims. Claims indicating these group billing providers that are submitted without a rendering provider are denied. Rendering-only providers cannot have their own group number, but they can be a part of an established group.

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