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Provider Enrollment Information
Categories of Enrollment
Provider Billing Categories

Wisconsin Medicaid enrolls providers in three billing categories. Each billing category has specific designated uses and restrictions. These categories include the following:

  • Billing and rendering provider
  • Rendering-only provider
  • Billing-only provider (including group billing)

Providers should refer to the service-specific information on the Information for Specific Provider Types page to identify which category of enrollment is applicable.

Billing and Rendering Provider

Enrollment as a billing and rendering provider allows providers to identify themselves on claims (and other forms) as either the provider billing for the services or the provider rendering the services.

Rendering-Only Provider

Enrollment as a rendering-only provider is given to providers who practice under the professional supervision of another provider (for example, physician assistants). Providers with a rendering provider enrollment cannot submit claims to ForwardHealth directly, but they have a reimbursement rate established for their provider type. Claims for services provided by a rendering provider must include the supervising provider or group provider as the billing provider.

Billing-Only Provider (Including Group Billing)

Enrollment as a billing-only provider is given to certain provider types when a separate rendering provider is required on claims.

Group Billing

Groups of individual practitioners are enrolled as billing-only providers as an accounting convenience. This allows the group to receive one reimbursement, one Remittance Advice, and the 835 Health Care Claim Payment/Advice Transaction for covered services rendered by individual practitioners within the group.

Providers may not have more than one group practice enrolled in Wisconsin Medicaid with the same zip+4 code address, National Provider Identifier (NPI), and taxonomy code combination. Provider group practices located at the same zip+4 code address are required to differentiate their enrollment using an NPI or taxonomy code that uniquely identifies each group practice.

Individual practitioners within group practices are required to be Medicaid-enrolled because these groups are required to identify the provider who rendered the service on claims. Claims indicating these group billing providers that are submitted without a rendering provider are denied.

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