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Provider Enrollment Information
Affordable Care Act
Affordable Care Act Background

In 2010, the federal government signed into law the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as federal health care reform. The final rule is available online on the Federal Register. To meet federally mandated requirements, ForwardHealth implemented changes to align with the ACA.

ACA ForwardHealth Updates

ForwardHealth has published the following ForwardHealth Updates with ACA-related enrollment information:

2016-53, New Revalidation Application Fee for Provider Organizations and Important Reminders About the Revalidation Process
2016-17, New Fingerprinting and Criminal Background Check Screening Requirements Due to the Affordable Care Act
2015-01, Affordable Care Act Primary Care Rate Increase Ended December 31, 2014
2014-12, Changes to BadgerCare Plus Due to the Affordable Care Act and 2013-15 Wisconsin Act 20
2014-04, Reminder Regarding Home Health and Personal Care Agency Personnel Reporting Requirements and Revalidation Information
2014-03, Providers Are Required to Report a Change in Ownership Within 35 Days
2014-02, Health Care Providers and Partners Are Now Required to Apply on the ForwardHealth Portal to Become Express Enrollment Providers
2013-66, Medicaid-Enrolled Providers Are Required to Change Demographic Information Through the ForwardHealth Portal
2013-43, New Requirements for In-State Emergency Providers and Out-of-State Providers Due to the Affordable Care Act
2013-40, Policy Clarification for Services That Are Prescribed, Referred, or Ordered
2013-36, New Requirements for Dentists Who Provide Only Urgent or Emergency Services to BadgerCare Plus or Medicaid Members
2013-34, New Requirements for Prescribing/Referring/Ordering Providers Due to the Affordable Care Act
2013-28, Changes to Provider Revalidation Process Due to the Affordable Care Act
2013-12, Affordable Care Act Risk Level Classifications by Provider Type
2013-11, New Provider Enrollment Application Fee for Provider Organizations Due to the Affordable Care Act
2012-37, New Requirements for Home Health and Personal Care Agencies to Report Personnel Information to ForwardHealth
2012-32, ForwardHealth to Implement New Provider Enrollment and Screening Requirements
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