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Provider Enrollment Information
Out-of-State Youth Program

The Out-of-State Youth (OSY) program is responsible for health care services provided to Wisconsin children placed outside the state in foster and subsidized adoption situations. These children are eligible for coverage. The objective is to ensure that these children receive quality medical care.

Medicaid Enrollment for Out-of-State Youth Providers

ForwardHealth requires all out-of-state youth providers who render services to BadgerCare Plus, Medicaid, or SeniorCare members to be enrolled in Wisconsin Medicaid. Providers may apply for Medicaid enrollment as an out-of-state youth provider by completing both of the following steps:

  • Apply for enrollment as an out-of-state provider. To apply for enrollment as an out-of-state provider, complete the Medicaid Out-of-State Provider Enrollment Application.

    For information on the requirements for out-of-state providers, refer to Out-of-State Providers.
  • At the end of the enrollment process, upload a letter requesting enrollment as an out-of-state youth provider.
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