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Provider Enrollment Information

To be reimbursed for services provided to members enrolled in Wisconsin Medicaid, BadgerCare Plus, or SeniorCare, providers are required to be enrolled in Wisconsin Medicaid as described in DHS 105, Wis. Admin. Code.

Personally identifiable information about Medicaid providers, persons with ownership or control interest in the provider, managing employees, agents, or other provider personnel is only used for purposes directly related to Medicaid administration, such as determining the enrollment of providers and monitoring providers for waste, fraud, and abuse. All information provided is protected under federal and/or state confidentiality laws. Failure to supply the information requested by the application may result in denial of Medicaid payment for the services.

To be enrolled in Wisconsin Medicaid, providers are required to complete the application process. Failure to complete the enrollment application process will cause a delay, and may cause denial, of enrollment. As part of the enrollment application, providers are required to sign a provider agreement with the Department of Health Services (DHS). Providers sign the provider agreement electronically by selecting the box acknowledging and agreeing to the terms of the agreement. By electronically signing the provider agreement, the provider attests that the provider and each person employed by the provider, for the purpose of providing services, holds all licenses or similar entitlements and meets other requirements specified in DHS 101 through DHS 109, Wis. Admin. Code, and required by federal or state statute, regulation, or rule for the provision of the service.

The provider's enrollment in Wisconsin Medicaid may be terminated by the provider as specified in DHS 106.05, Wis. Admin. Code, or by the DHS upon grounds set forth in DHS 106.06, Wis. Admin. Code.

The provider agreement remains in effect as long as the provider is enrolled in Wisconsin Medicaid.

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