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Provider Enrollment Information
Enrollment Application and Tracking Process

Providers interested in enrolling in Wisconsin Medicaid may do so by completing an enrollment application. Providers will receive an application tracking number (ATN) once they have submitted their enrollment application through the Portal.

Note: Providers are required to wait for the Notice of Enrollment Decision as official notification that enrollment has been approved. This notice will contain information the provider needs to conduct business with Wisconsin Medicaid, BadgerCare Plus, or SeniorCare; therefore, an approved or enrolled status alone does not mean the provider may begin providing or billing for services.

Ability to Save Partially Completed Enrollment Applications

Providers are not required to complete their enrollment application in one session; they can save their partially completed application and return to finish completing it within 10 calendar days. After 10 calendar days have passed, providers will be required to start a new application. Applicants will be given an enrollment key and will be able to set their own password for re-entry into their application. Applicants should note that they are solely responsible for their enrollment key and password.

Uploading Forms During the Enrollment Process

Providers may upload any needed documentation or forms during the application process.

Providers may upload documents in the following formats:

  • Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) (.jpg or .jpeg).
  • Portable Document Format (PDF) (.pdf).
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf).
  • Text File (.txt).
  • Comma Delimited (.csv).

JPEG files must be stored with a ".jpg" or ".jpeg" extension; text files must be stored with a ".txt" extension; rich text format files must be stored with an ".rtf" extension; and PDF files must be stored with a ".pdf" extension.

Tracking Enrollment Applications

ForwardHealth allows providers to track the status of their enrollment application either through the ForwardHealth Portal or by calling Provider Services.

Tracking Through the Portal

Providers are able to track the status of an enrollment application through the Portal by entering their ATN in the Enrollment Tracking Search. Providers will receive current information on their application, such as whether it is being processed or has been returned for more information.

Tracking Through Provider Services

Providers may also check on the status of their submitted enrollment application by contacting Provider Services and giving their ATN.

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