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Provider Enrollment Information
Notice of Enrollment Decision
Time of Enrollment Decision Notification

ForwardHealth usually notifies the provider of their enrollment status within 10 business days after receiving the complete enrollment application, but no longer than 60 days.

Approval of an Enrollment Application

ForwardHealth will send providers who meet the enrollment requirements a welcome letter and a copy of the provider agreement. Included with the letter is important information, such as effective dates and assigned provider type and specialty. This information is used when conducting business with Wisconsin Medicaid. The welcome letter also notifies non-healthcare providers (for example, specialized medical vehicle providers, personal care agencies, and blood banks) of their Medicaid provider number. This number is used on claim submissions, prior authorization requests, and other communications with Wisconsin Medicaid.

Denial of an Enrollment Application

If ForwardHealth denies the enrollment application, it will inform the applicant in writing about the reasons for the denial.

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