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Catalog of Trainings and Educational Resources for Providers and Other Stakeholders

A number of trainings and other educational resources are available to providers and other stakeholders to offer support in the administration of ForwardHealth’s programs. Some of the offered trainings serve as an introduction to program policy and operations, while others go into more depth on a particular topic. Providers and other stakeholders can choose from in-person trainings, real-time web-based trainings, or pre-recorded webcasts. In addition, continuing education credit is available for some courses offered through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Ongoing Training Sessions Provider-Specific Training Sessions Current Webcast Training Sessions

  • Currently there are no ongoing trainings
Online (Real-Time, Web-Based) Trainings Available
Online Adult Long-Term Care Trainings Available

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Educational Resources
  • Medicaid Program Integrity Education
    • The Medicaid Program Integrity Education website provides resources to educate providers and other stakeholders in promoting best practices and awareness of Medicaid fraud, waste, and abuse.

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