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IRIS Provider

This area is intended for participant-hired workers and/or service provider agencies currently approved to provide goods, supports, or services to or with an IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct) participant.

For information specific to participants, visit the Wisconsin Department of Health Services(DHS) site.

Service Definition Manual
This manual describes services offered under the IRIS program.

Policy Manual
This manual provides IRIS program policies for all contractors (IRIS consultant agencies, fiscal employer agents, IRIS self-directed personal care) as determined by DHS.

Work Instructions
These are detailed instructions of IRIS program policies and procedures, including business rules, system requirements, required forms, and designation of responsible party for each task.

Addenda to Policy Manual and Work Instructions

GT Independence
Main Page
Forms Page

Main Page
Forms Page

Acumen Fiscal Agent
Main Page
Forms Page

Premier Financial Management Services
Main Page
Forms Page

Each fiscal employer agent (FEA) has blank and sample packets of the documents that need to be completed for new workers or providers. Providers and workers should only complete packets for the FEA chosen by the participant for whom they are seeking to provide supports or services.

Wisconsin Medicaid Program Provider Agreement and Acknowledgement of Terms of Participation for Waiver Service Provider Agencies or Individuals
This form must be signed and returned to the FEA before any payment can be issued.

IRIS Participant-Hired Worker Employee Set-up
This form is intended to provide demographic information on the participant and their worker.

IRIS Participant-Hired Worker Relationship Identification
This form documents any relationship that the worker has with the participant to ensure that the following tax obligations are managed correctly: Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA), Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA), and State Unemployment Tax Exemptions (see Internal Revenue Publication 15, Circular E, Family Employees Section).

IRIS Participant Employer/Participant-Hired Worker Employee Agreement
This form provides demographic information for the worker, as well as an indication as to the services they will provide, their proposed work schedule, and the pay rate(s) thereof.

Application for Employer Identification Number
This federal application is for a new or the activation of existing federal employer identification number (FEIN). The FEA verifies that the FEIN is not already assigned and submits the application to the IRS when the participant employer needs to obtain a FEIN.

Employer/Payer Appointment of Agent
The federal Employer/Payer Appointment of Agent form is executed by both employer and FEA.

Form W-4
The Employee’s Federal Tax Withholding Certificate form determines how much tax the participant-employer will withhold from the worker’s paycheck.

Employment Eligibility Verification I-9
The Employment Eligibility Verification form (and copies of appropriate documents) are necessary to validate citizenship or other work-related authorization.

Background Information Disclosure
Completion of this form is required under Wis. Stats. § 50.065 to ensure the worker completes a criminal and caregiver background check.

Background Information Disclosure Addendum — IRIS
This form captures the worker’s previous residences for consideration in the resulting background check.

Background Check Appeal Request — IRIS
This form captures a response from a proposed worker whose employment was denied due to the results of a background check for secondary review by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

ICAs and FEAs by Geographic Service Region
This is a current map of IRIS consultant agency (ICA) and fiscal employer agent (FEA) availability by geographic service region/county.

ICAs Phone Email Agency Website
Advocates4U 877-739-2203 info@irisadvocates4u.org https://irisadvocates4u.org/
Connections 844-520-1712 connections@lsswis.org https://www.connectionswis.org/home
Consumer Direct of Wisconsin 877-785-9991 infoIRIS@consumerdirectcare.com https://consumerdirectwi.com/iris/
First Person Care Consultants 414-336-2448 info@firstpersoncare.com https://firstpersoncare.com/
Midstate Independent Living Choices, Inc. 800-382-8484 milc@milc-inc.org https://milc-inc.org/iris/
Progressive Community Services, Inc. 608-848-8305 Information@pcsdane.org http://pcsdane.org/
TMG 844-864-8987 info@tmgwisconsin.com http://www.tmgwisconsin.com/

FEAs Phone Email Agency Website
Acumen Fiscal Agent 877-901-5826 wisconsin@acumen2.net https://www.acumenfiscalagent.com/state/wisconsin/
GT Independence 877-659-4500 customerservice@gtindependence.com https://gtindependence.com/state/wisconsin/iris-program/
iLife 888-800-5599 Info@iLIFEfms.com https://www.ilifefinancialmanagement.com/Wisconsin-IRIS.htm
Premier Financial Management Services 855-224-5810 IRIS@premier-fms.com https://premier-fms.com/programs/wisconsin/iris-program/

Self-Directed Personal Care Oversight Agency Phone Email
IRIS Self-Directed Personal Care Oversight Agency 844-747-7372 ClinicalServices@wisconsin-iris.com

Ombudsmen Phone
Disability Rights Wisconsin – Madison
(ages 18-59)
Toll-free: 800-928-8778
TTY: 888-758-6049
Disability Rights Wisconsin – Milwaukee
(ages 18-59)
Toll-free: 800-708-3034
TTY: 888-758-6049
Disability Rights Wisconsin – Rice Lake
(ages 18-59)
Toll-free: 877-338-3724
TTY: 888-758-6049
Board on Aging and Long-Term Care
(ages 60 and above)

IRIS Phone Email
IRIS Complaints and Grievances Hotline 888-203-8338 DHSIRISGrievances@wisconsin.gov
IRIS Call Center 888-515-4747

Other Contacts Phone Email
DHS IRIS General DHSIRIS@dhs.wisconsin.gov
1-2 Bed Adult Family Homes Certification DHSIRISAFH@dhs.wisconsin.gov
Electronic Visit Verification Customer Care 833-931-2035 vdxc.ContactEVV@wisconsin.gov

Other Resources Web Address
Aging and Disability Resource Center Contact Information www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/adrc/consumer/index.htm
Income Maintenance and Tribal Agency Contact Information www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/forwardhealth/imagency/index.htm

What's New?
A summary of what is new for adult long-term care organizations:


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