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COVID-19: News and Resources

Resources for IRIS Consultant Agencies, Fiscal Employer Agents, and the Self Directed Personal Care Agency

Information about the COVID-19 virus is changing rapidly. This page provides resources for IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct) Consultant Agencies (ICAs), Fiscal Employer Agents (FEAs), and the Self Directed Personal Care (SDPC) agency so they can better coordinate services and support participants.
COVID-19 Unwinding Resources

IRIS Program FAQs

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) has answered IRIS COVID-19 FAQs (last updated 3/1/22) from ICAs, FEAs, and the SDPC agency about temporary program and policy changes during COVID-19. ICAs, FEAs, and SDPC agencies may submit questions to DHSDMSCOVID19@dhs.wisconsin.gov. These FAQs will be updated regularly.

PHE Unwinding Updates

Telehealth Resources for Providers

The Telehealth Resources for Providers page includes summaries and explanations of the recently published materials, billing guidance, and resources related to telehealth. ForwardHealth has answered questions about the telehealth policy changes.

Personal Protective Equipment

For up-to-date information about personal protective equipment (PPE) guidance and information, visit the COVID-19: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) DHS webpage. Information about requesting PPE can be found in the COVID-19: PPE Request Process for Long-Term Care Providers Caring for COVID-19 Positive Individuals email subscription message.

Sign up for Email Subscription Messages

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Distributed Communications

The following DHS communications are related to IRIS:

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Other Resources and Links

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