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COVID-19 Unwinding Resources for Providers

COVID-19 Unwinding Resources for Providers

Unwinding Provider Toolkit

Unwinding is the term used by our federal partners to describe the steps states will take to return to routine eligibility, enrollment, and benefits management processes following the COVID-19 pandemic. Wisconsin’s Unwinding goals include:

  • Implementing a successful return to routine operations for our programs
  • Keeping Wisconsinites covered, whether through a state program, insurance from and employer, or a plan from Healthcare.gov

This provider toolkit equips you with communication tools to help members navigate the Unwinding process successfully. Providers can download customize the materials (if desired) and share them with patients. Providers can also directly access our social media posts from this page and share them to help amplify our key messages.

We’re presently focusing on three primary messaging themes:

  • Update your address. Member messaging focuses on ensuring the state has updated contact information for everyone enrolled in a benefits program.
  • Watch. Read. Act. Members should watch for renewal packets about two weeks before their renewal month in the mail. The packets will also be visible in their ACCESS accounts. They should read all mail carefully, note their next steps, and act by the date shown in their packet.
  • Renewals are back! All members have been assigned renewal due dates between June 2023 and May 2024. Members should not renew until they receive their renewal packet in the mail about two weeks before their renewal month. Members can look at our updated health care renewal webpage for information.

Using the provider toolkit

  • Explore the toolkit for resources. Some are available with DHS branding, some are customizable. Send questions about customization or how to use the toolkit materials to DHSDMSCommunications@wi.gov.
  • Follow DHS on social media and share our posts. Current social media posts are linked within each theme below for your convenience.
  • Sign up for our Unwinding email list to stay informed about updates to the toolkit.

Communication campaigns to use with members

Renewals are back
Renewals for BadgerCare Plus and Wisconsin Medicaid programs have begun again after having been suspended for the past three years. Members should make sure they renew at the just right time—not too early or too late. They can visit the DHS renewal webpage for more information.

p10049-renewal-flyer.jpg Renewal flyer:
Use this flyer (versions available in English, Spanish, and Hmong) to explain renewals or members can visit our renewal webpage for more information.

customizable-outreach-card-front Medicaid News for Members QR Code
Right-click on the QR code to save it as an image and add it to materials to help members easily navigate to the DHS Medicaid News for Members webpage.

Important: Please do not add a border around the outside of the QR code. Doing so can interfere with the "quiet zone." The quiet zone is the empty white border around the outside of a QR code. Without this border, a QR reader will not be able to determine what is and is not contained within the QR code (due to interference from outside elements).




how-to.jpg Reminding members about renewals
The Fee-for-Service Unwinding Reports will soon be available through the secure login on the ForwardHealth Portal. Download instructions on this voluntary provider-specific program to help encourage members to complete their renewal.

customizable-outreach-card-front Update your address
Now is the time for members to update their address, mobile phone number, and email address so that we can contact them with important information about their benefits. This outreach card provides a simple visual reminder for your patients.

p03402-watchreadact-outreachcard.png Watch. Read. Act.
DHS is asking all members to watch their mailbox, read the letters from DHS, and act by their renewal deadline. Download the outreach card to remind your patients of this important message.

p03175.png You still have coverage
We've heard from partners that some members are concerned they may have lost their benefits. Members need to know they still have coverage and shouldn't delay needed medical care. Two versions of this flyer are available in three different languages.


ACCESS is Wisconsin's secure online web portal where people can see if they qualify for programs and apply for benefits. Members can go to access.wi.gov or use the companion MyACCESS smartphone app to manage their benefits.

access-poster.png ACCESS Materials
The ACCESS Poster and ACCESS Poster Tear-Off Sheets serve as a helpful introduction for patients to begin using the ACCESS secure online web portal.

myaccess-qr-code.png MyACCESS Materials
MyACCESS QR Code - Right-click on the QR code to save it as an image and add it to materials to help members download the MyACCESS app from their mobile device’s app store.

Important: Please do not add a border around the outside of the QR code or it may not work properly.

myaccess-mobile-app-instructions.png MyACCESS App Instructions contains detailed instructions to guide members through use of the MyACCESS smartphone app.

MyACCESS-app-flyer.png MyACCESS App Flyer provides simple instructions for users to get started with the MyACCESS smartphone app.

myaccess-mobile-app-poster.png MyACCESS App Poster available in English, Spanish, or Hmong.

myaccess-mobile-app-wallet-card.png MyACCESS App Wallet Card downloadable in English, Spanish or Hmong.

Keeping-in-touch.jpg Texts and emails from DHS
This flyer explains the changes DHS made in 2022 to add text and emails to our communication channels.

Pharmacy-Poster.png Pharmacy changes
During COVID-19, BadgerCare Plus and Wisconsin Medicaid created temporary policies to make it easier for members to get prescriptions. Those policies ended on December 1, 2022. Download flyers or posters in English, Spanish, and Hmong.

Contact Information

For specific questions about COVID-19 as it relates to ForwardHealth coverage and policy, contact Provider Services at 800-947-9627.

For specific questions about testing considerations or to discuss a case during business hours, call 608-267-9003 or email DHSDPHBCD@wi.gov. For after-hours assistance, call 608-258-0099.

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Fee-for-Service Unwinding Reports Available to Help Your Members Renew

Fee-for-Service Unwinding Reports are available through your organization's secure login to this site. Download instructions on this voluntary provider-specific program to get information that could help encourage members to complete their renewal.

ForwardHealth COVID-19 News & Resources

Read updates about how the federal government’s ending of the public health emergency will impact providers and how ForwardHealth remains committed to protecting and promoting the health and safety of our members.

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