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    Visit the Change Healthcare Service Interruption: Resources for ForwardHealth Providers Portal page for important information about these issues. Providers experiencing urgent issues caused by this disruption or needing assistance checking eligibility are encouraged to call Provider Services at 800-947-9627.
COVID-19 Unwinding Resources for Providers

Medicaid Renewal Resources for Providers

This toolkit features communication tools for providers to help members navigate the Unwinding process successfully. Download and customize the materials and share social media posts to help raise awareness of Medicaid renewals.

  • Send questions about toolkit materials to DHSDMSCommunications@wi.gov.
  • Follow DHS on social media and share the posts. Current social media posts are linked within each theme below for your convenience.
  • Sign up for our Unwinding email list to stay informed about updates to the toolkit.

Renewals are back

Renewals for BadgerCare Plus and Wisconsin Medicaid programs have begun after having been suspended for the past three years. Members should make sure they renew at the just right time—not too early or too late.

Renewal flyer:

p10049-renewal-flyer.jpg Use this flyer (translated in 20 different languages) to explain Medicaid renewals.

Renewal outreach card

unwinding-outreach-card.png Print and distribute the renewal outreach card (available in 20 translations) in waiting rooms and at patient check-in as a quick and easy explanation about renewals.

Keeping kids covered – renewal communications for families

Back to school social media campaign

unwinding-getting-ready.png These social media posts highlight the importance of keeping kids covered with health insurance.




Your little one’s health is a big priority social media campaign

unwinding-adults-with-children.png Share this campaign to encourage parents and guardians to complete their Medicaid renewal – even if they think they might not qualify – because their children could.

Help kids stay covered and healthy outreach card

unwinding-kids-outreach-card.png Download and distribute this outreach card (available in English, Hmong, and Spanish) to encourage parents and guardians to complete a Medicaid renewal.

Help kids stay covered and healthy flyer

unwinding-kids-flyer.png Help parents and guardians learn the importance of doing their Medicaid renewal when you provide them this flyer (available in English, Hmong, and Spanish) complete with QR code links to helpful resources.

Renewals for older adults

Guide older adults to watch for and complete their Medicaid renewal in a timely fashion. This campaign includes English, Hmong, and Spanish posters, flyers, outreach cards, and handouts to help reinforce the renewal message.

unwinding-senior-poster.png unwinding-senior-flyer.png unwinding-senior-outreach-card.png unwinding-senior-handout.png

Texts and emails from DHS

unwinding-text-and-email.png This flyer explains the changes DHS made in 2022 to add text and emails to our communication channels.

Use online tools like ACCESS and MyACCESS

ACCESS is Wisconsin's secure online web portal where people can see if they qualify for programs and apply for benefits. Members can go to access.wi.gov or use the companion MyACCESS smartphone app to manage their benefits.

ACCESS Materials

unwinding-access-poster.png unwinding-access-tear-off-sheets.png The ACCESS Poster and ACCESS Poster Tear-Off Sheets serve as a helpful introduction for patients to begin using the ACCESS secure online web portal.

MyACCESS Materials

unwinding-myaccess-flyer.png MyACCESS App Flyer (available in English, Spanish, and Hmong) provides simple instructions for users to get started with the MyACCESS smartphone app.

unwinding-myaccess-poster.png MyACCESS App Poster available in English, Spanish, or Hmong.

unwinding-myaccess-wallet-card.png MyACCESS App Wallet Card downloadable in English, Spanish or Hmong.

Update your address

unwinding-update-your-address.png This outreach card (now available in 20 different languages) is a great resource to remind members to update their address, mobile phone number, and email address so that they receive important information about their benefits.

Contact Information

For specific questions about COVID-19 as it relates to ForwardHealth coverage and policy, contact Provider Services at 800-947-9627.

For specific questions about testing considerations or to discuss a case during business hours, call 608-267-9003 or email DHSDPHBCD@wi.gov. For after-hours assistance, call 608-258-0099.

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Receive updates from DHS to raise member awareness about changes in benefits, highlight recommended actions, and important announcements about programs. Sign up at: Wisconsin Department of Health Services (govdelivery.com)

Receive Unwinding Updates from DHS

Sign up get the latest information about Wisconsin’s Unwinding efforts.

Fee-for-Service Unwinding Reports Available to Help Your Members Renew

Fee-for-Service Unwinding Reports are available through your organization's secure login to this site. Download instructions on this voluntary provider-specific program to get information that could help encourage members to complete their renewal.

ForwardHealth COVID-19 News & Resources

Read updates about how the federal government’s ending of the public health emergency impacted providers and how ForwardHealth remains committed to protecting and promoting the health and safety of our members.

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