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  • The Provider Services Call Center will implement a virtual agent for 24/7 assistance on June 13, 2023. Read ForwardHealth Update 2023-18 for more information.
State of Wisconsin Contact Information
Department of Health Services DHSwebmaster@wisconsin.gov 1-608-266-1865
1-888-701-1251 (TTY)
Resources for Members
BadgerCare Plus HMO Information
Medicaid HMO Information
HMO Enrollment Specialist 1-800-291-2002
SSI External Advocate 1-800-708-3034
HMO Ombuds 1-800-760-0001
ForwardHealth Member Services 1-800-362-3002
SeniorCare Hotline 1-800-657-2038
Resources for HMOs
HMO Support VEDSHMOsupport@wisconsin.gov
Managed Care Contract Support DHSHMOContract@wisconsin.gov
Managed Care Rate Setting Support DHSDMSBFM@dhs.wisconsin.gov
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Help Desk 1-866-416-4979
ForwardHealth Portal Help Desk 1-866-908-1363
Resources for Providers
ForwardHealth Provider Services 1-800-947-9627
WiCall Automated Voice Response (AVR) System 1-800-947-3544
BadgerCare Plus or Medicaid SSI HMO Provider Appeals
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Wisconsin Department of Health Services
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