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Required ForwardHealth Multi-Factor Authentication

What Is Happening

As a continuing effort to enhance the security of applications, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services is rolling out multi-factor authentication (MFA) for the ForwardHealth Portal. All Portal users will be required to start using MFA to access Portal accounts. MFA for the Portal will be similar to other applications that use MFA, such as online bank accounts, credit card accounts, or social media platforms.

With MFA, Portal users will be asked to provide two authentication methods to verify their identity when logging in to the Portal. While continuing to use existing secure Portal account credentials, Portal users will have to add a second method of authentication for login. This will be required for each unique Portal username. MFA will protect a Portal account against unauthorized access in case login credentials are compromised. When using MFA, a user will be sent a one-time code through their choice of email, text message, or phone call.

Who Is Impacted

All secure ForwardHealth Portal users will be required to use MFA starting March 2024. Using a staggered approach to roll out MFA, a group of selected secure Portal users will be notified in December 2023 that they may use MFA in January 2024. A second group of Portal users will be notified they may begin using MFA in February 2024. All other secure Portal users will be notified when they are required to begin using MFA.

What to Do Today

Portal users should verify the email address associated with their Portal account by January 11, 2024. Section 4 (Maintenance) of the ForwardHealth Provider Portal Account User Guide contains instructions for how to check and update an email address. An out-of-date email address may cause a Portal user to be locked out of their Portal account.

Providers may also refer to ForwardHealth Update 2023-46, “Required Multi-Factor Authentication for the ForwardHealth Portal,” for more information.

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