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2019 ForwardHealth Updates

ForwardHealth Updates — 2019

These publications are available only as PDFs. You will need Adobe Reader® to view these files.

Update Number ForwardHealth Update Topic(s) and release date
2019-12 Clarification of Telehealth Policy for Telestroke, 4/9/19
2019-11 SeniorCare Waiver Given Temporary Extension, 4/3/19
2019-10 Pharmacy Policy Changes for Adderall XR Effective May 1, 2019, 3/13/19
2019-09 Expanded Practice Settings for Dental Hygienist Services, 3/1/19
2019-08 Explanation of Prior Authorization Requirements for HealthCheck "Other Services", 2/25/19
2019-07 Revised Hearing Aid Contract Models and Pricing Effective March 1, 2019, 2/19/19
2019-06 Coverage Policy for Silver Diamine Fluoride, 2/19/19
2019-05 Clarifications to HealthCheck Services, 2/5/19
2019-04 SeniorCare Waiver Given Temporary Extension for 60 Days, 1/31/19
2019-03 Brand Name Metadate CD No Longer Available, 1/28/19
2019-02 2019 CPT and HCPCS Procedure Code Changes, 1/23/19

March 4, 2019: This Update has been revised since its original publication. A procedure code has been revised; see corrected number in red text on page 5 of the Update.
2019-01 Important ForwardHealth Provider Enrollment Process Reminders, 1/14/19
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