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BadgerCare Plus HMO

BadgerCare Plus HMO

BadgerCare Plus is a program for children under 19 years of age and families in Wisconsin who need and want health insurance. BadgerCare Plus is for all kids, regardless of income. BadgerCare Plus is about more than just kids. It also offers access to comprehensive, affordable health care to many families and pregnant women in Wisconsin. Most BadgerCare Plus members who are eligible for BadgerCare Plus and reside in a BadgerCare Plus HMO service area must enroll in an HMO.

Members may choose their own HMO or work with the HMO Enrollment Specialist to choose the best one for their needs. They may choose at any time during the enrollment process. All eligible members of the member's family must choose the same HMO. However, individuals within a family may be eligible for an exemption from enrollment.

For information on BadgerCare Plus.
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