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Program Name: BadgerCare Plus and Medicaid Handbook Area: Family Planning Only Services

Claims : Responses

Topic #13437

ForwardHealth-Initiated Claim Adjustments

There are times when ForwardHealth must initiate a claim adjustment to address claim issues that do not require provider action and do not affect reimbursement.

Claims that are subject to this type of ForwardHealth-initiated claim adjustment will have EOB code 8234 noted on the RA.

The adjusted claim will be assigned a new claim number, known as an ICN. The new ICN will begin with "58." If the provider adjusts this claim in the future, the new ICN will be required when resubmitting the claim.

Topic #11537

National Correct Coding Initiative

As part of the federal PPACA of 2010, the federal CMS are required to promote correct coding and control improper coding leading to inappropriate payment of claims under Medicaid. The NCCI is the CMS response to this requirement. The NCCI includes the creation and implementation of claims processing edits to ensure correct coding on claims submitted for Medicaid reimbursement.

ForwardHealth is required to implement the NCCI in order to monitor all professional claims and outpatient hospital claims submitted with CPT or HCPCS procedure codes for Wisconsin Medicaid, BadgerCare Plus, WCDP, and Family Planning Only Services for compliance with the following NCCI edits:

  • MUE, or units-of-service detail edits
  • Procedure-to-procedure detail edits

The NCCI editing will occur in addition to/along with current procedure code review and editing completed by Change Healthcare ClaimsXten and in ForwardHealth interChange.

Medically Unlikely Detail Edits

MUE, or units-of-service detail edits, define the maximum units of service that a provider would report under most circumstances for a single member on a single DOS for each CPT or HCPCS procedure code. If a detail on a claim is denied for MUE, providers will receive an EOB code on the RA indicating that the detail was denied due to NCCI.

An example of an MUE would be if procedure code 11102 (tangential biopsy of skin [eg, shave, scoop, saucerize, curette]; single lesion) was billed by a provider on a professional claim with a quantity of two or more. This procedure is medically unlikely to occur more than once; therefore, if it is billed with units greater than one, the detail will be denied.

Procedure-to-Procedure Detail Edits

Procedure-to-procedure detail edits define pairs of CPT or HCPCS codes that should not be reported together on the same DOS for a variety of reasons. This edit applies across details on a single claim or across different claims. For example, an earlier claim that was paid may be denied and recouped if a more complete code is billed for the same DOS on a separate claim. If a detail on a claim is denied for procedure-to-procedure edit, providers will receive an EOB code on the RA indicating that the detail was denied due to NCCI.

An example of a procedure-to-procedure edit would be if procedure codes 11451 (excision of skin and subcutaneous tissue for hidradenitis, axillary; with complex repair) and 93000 (electrocardiogram, routine ECG with at least 12 leads; with interpretation and report) were billed on the same claim for the same DOS. Procedure code 11451 describes a more complex service than procedure code 93000, and therefore, the secondary procedure would be denied.

Quarterly Code List Updates

CMS will issue quarterly revisions to the table of codes subject to NCCI edits that ForwardHealth will adopt and implement. Refer to the CMS Medicaid website for downloadable code lists.

Claim Details Denied as a Result of National Correct Coding Initiative Edits

Providers should take the following steps if they are uncertain why particular services on a claim were denied:

  • Review ForwardHealth remittance information for the EOB message related to the denial.
  • Review the claim submitted to ensure all information is accurate and complete.
  • Consult current CPT and HCPCS publications to make sure proper coding instructions were followed.
  • Consult current ForwardHealth publications, including the Online Handbook, to make sure current policy and billing instructions were followed.
  • Call Provider Services for further information or explanation.

If reimbursement for a claim or a detail on a claim is denied due to an MUE or procedure-to-procedure edit, providers may appeal the denial. Following are instructions for submitting an appeal:

  • Complete the Adjustment/Reconsideration Request form. In Element 16, select the "Consultant review requested" checkbox and the "Other/comments" checkbox. In the "Other/comments" text box, indicate "Reconsideration of an NCCI denial."
  • Attach notes/supporting documentation.
  • Submit a claim, Adjustment/Reconsideration Request, and additional notes/supporting documentation to ForwardHealth for processing.
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