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Subscriptions This page allows users to subscribe, change their subscription or unsubscribe to email notifications of policy changes. Users can subscribe to as many programs or service areas as they like.
Field Descriptions
Cancel Click the cancel button to exit the scription page and return to the online handbook main page.
Confirm E-Mail Enter the email address again.
E-Mail [Unsubscribe] Enter the email address you would like removed from the emailing list.
E-mail [Existing Subscriber] Enter your email address.
E-mail [New Subscriber] Enter the email address to receive subscription notices.
Load Select "Load" to view your existing email subscription. Once your existing email subscription displays, you may make any changes you would like. Select "Save" once you have made all of your changes.
Register Select "Register" to add your email address to the emailing list. Once your email address is added, you will be able to select the programs and service areas to which you would like to receive policy updates.
Save Select "Save" to save any changes you made to your email subscription.
Subscription List Select the program and/or service areas you wish to subscribe to.
Unsubscribe Select "Unsubscribe" to remove your email address from all emailing lists.